How To Talk To Your Partner About Snoring

Typically, when you bring your partner’s snoring subject to their attention, you can expect four main reactions from him or her:


They cannot hear themselves when they are sleeping, can they? Therefore the easiest way is to deny it. If this is the problem, what you can do is grab your cell phone and record your loved one while snoring. Denying solid proof is pointless.


The helpless feeling in this situation is very common; you must encourage them to do some research, seek medical evaluation, let them know they do have options and they can put an end to it. Always assure them this is not the end of your relationship but a great opportunity for improvement.

Fear and shame

Both fear and shame tend to go together in this matter. The loved one may be scared that you will not love him/her as much or want to sleep next to them anymore. It is strictly important for you to assure them this is not the case. Many people will not admit it, but being close to their partner at night it’s a problem. It’s almost the same story for embarrassment. They do not want you to think less of them because they snore and this could hurt their feelings, but there is no reason for having feelings hurt during this conversation.

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Here you have some ideas on how to approach this issue.

1. Be Patient

It might take a few minutes or even several conversations with your partner for them to realize you are just trying to help. However, you must continue working on it patiently letting them know how you feel and how it can affect both of you and your relationship.

2. Be Understanding

If your spouse is concerned about the snoring issue, listen to them. Perhaps they know and accept the problem, but they are just afraid to try an anti-snoring device or seek medical attention. Sympathize with them. Just get them to begin making small changes first towards getting some improvement.

3. Be Sensitive

Always remember that you are trying to encourage your partner and not the other way around. It is quite important for you to be sensitive. If it seems like you have offended or upset your loved one in some way, then try to explain things again in a lighter and more positive way or even retake the conversation later on. Try to be empathetic and get into the other shoes.

4. Use The “Us” Approach

The final suggestion is to make the conversation about both of you. This is a relationship issue because it is affecting you as well as your partner. Make sure to let them know you are willing to help them find a snoring solution. Also, keep in mind that some people will not make adjustments just for themselves. Sometimes all they require is to do it for someone else or feel they are not alone.

Finally, make sure your partner knows all the perks of finding a snoring solution and how it will help both of you. Here you can watch a video on how to help your partner stop snoring.