Is Coconut Oil For Weight Loss Effective?

There really isn’t a “yes” or “no” answer to the effectiveness of coconut oil for weight loss. Medical Information UK Experts are very divided on whether it can help or hurt your weightloss goals. Supporters of this supplement feel that it has many benefits for the body such as being an appetite suppressant, boosting metabolism, and many other benefits for the body. On the other hand, opponents of coconut oil weight loss feels that the fact that it is rich in saturated fats which may be associated with certain health problems such as heart disease or obesity.

Coconut oil is basically a type of vegetable oil which comes from the inner fruit of the coconut. Unlike other types of vegetable oils, this oil is rich in saturated fat as opposed to other vegetable oils being composed of unsaturated fats. According to the Mayo Clinic, one tablespoon of the oil has 117 calories and 13 grams of fat.

Proponents of coconut oil weight loss feels that despite its high concentration of calories and saturated fats it can improve meatabolism, increase energy, and suppress the appetite. Increased metabolism can be effective in how we metabolise food and we can gain weight slowly or not at all. A decreased appetite is beneficial because one would consume less calories which will inturn aid with weight loss.

How does coconut oil decrease the appetite? Well, according to eHow Health, it contains a special type of fatty acid known as long chained tryglycerides (LCT) which makes food digest in the stomach slower. Although LCT may get stored in the body as fat, according to eHow Health, it is a type of fat that gets burned easily.

Research shows that coconut oil may help with joint pain which prevents many people from exercising.

Opponents of coconut oil weight loss feels that coconut has a high concentration of saturated fat which may be linked to heart disease, high cholesterol, and other medical ailments. In addition, opponents believe that coconut oil may cause a false sense of hope that it can help with weight loss and this may in turn make people feel that they no longer have to employ traditional methods of losing weight such as diet and exercise.

For those of you who are interested in the coconut oil diet, this diet consists of drinking two to three tablespoons of coconut oil per day or you may substitute your normal vegetable cooking oil for coconut oil instead. In addition, the Mayo Clinic suggests that you should restrict carbohydrates.

It is better to do things the old fashioned way and make healthier eating choices and move that body. Before you engage in any exercise or diet program you should always talk to your doctor first.